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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Golfer's Equipment Supply

A golf enthusiast must have the proper golf equipment supply in order to play the game better and to enjoy it more. There are countless stores selling top-notch quality of golf equipment every golfer needs to improve his game.

So it only helps that the golfer has a checklist on the equipment he will needs to have a supply of. Here is a run through.

1. Golf Clubs

Of course a golfer must have an item to hit the ball with. Golf clubs come in various kinds. Each one has its purpose and an expert golfer knows which one to use in a given gaming scenario. A player carries these clubs while playing. However the rules only give him a maximum of fourteen clubs per game.

The three major kinds of clubs are known as 1.) woods, 2.) irons and 3.) putters. There are also the wedges. These are irons that are used when the shots are shorter.

Woods are used when there are long shots from the fairway or the tee. Usually the shots are rough in nature. Then there is the new kind of wood which is called the 'hybrid" because it has the hitting qualities of the irons as well as the easy-to-hit characteristic of woods.

Hybrids are used whenever there is a difficult rough patch in long shots. These are used by golfers who have a hard time letting the ball get airborne when using irons.

Wedges are used on difficult ground like sand. It is also used on the rough and when the shots are approaching the green. Putters are used on the green but these can quite be of great use when playing on the bunkers or the shots are approaching the bunkers. Because of the putter's minimal loft, the ball is forced to stay on the surface when it is hit.

2. Golf Balls

The allowed diameter of the basic golf ball is 43 mm and the mass must not exceed 46 grams. Most golf balls have two to four layer designs that are made from synthetic materials. The surface has a pattern of up to 400 dimples which improve the aerodynamics of the golf ball.

How the ball is constructed and the kinds of material used in making are great affectors on the ball's characteristics like trajectory, distance, feel and spin.

3. Golf Shafts

Golf shafts are circular and thicker than the club head end. Strong or light material can be used when making golf shafts. Most modern golf shafts are made from tempered steel or graphite. Some players check how the shaft is tapered. They prefer those that are smoothly tapered.

Golf rules require the putter's shaft to be bent is specific ways whereas the other clubs shafts should definitely be straight.

4. Ball Markers

When the ball is one green, it can be picked up in order for the golfer to clean it. The position it was in must be marked by using a ball marker. These are generally flat or round pieces of plastic.

5. Golf Carts

Transport is done with the help of golf carts. A golfer's equipment and supplies are all placed in golf bags. The golf buggies are trolleys made to carry the bags, saving the golfer from dragging that heavy bag wherever he or she goes.

6. Golf Gloves

Golfers wear gloves which provide them a better grip on the club. These also prevent blistering.

7. Golf Shoes

Golfers wear customized shoes that have spikes (plastic claws) attached to soles that are made to grip on the green or in wet conditions while playing golf.

8. Pitchfork

Pitchforks are used when fixing divot (area on the ground where the ball was hit). Repairing the divot requires pushing the pitchfork close to the mark or pushing it gently from all the sides in an inwards direction. This loosens the turf which allows the grass to grow again. It also flattens the golf ball's mark using a flat and smooth bottom of the golfer's putter.

9. Score Card

This is where the golfer's record his or her score while playing the game.

10. Tees

Tees are like nails because these have small cups on their heads. Usually made of plastic or wood, tees are pushed deep into the ground in order for the ball to rest and the golfer to have an easier shot.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Basic Golf Putting Tips

Putting is a very important part of the golf game. This can be where a game can be decided. Poor putting can add many strokes to your score. Mastering putting requires lot of patience and practice. Putting can be nerve racking even for good players especially when the game depends on it.

Below are some tips that I have put together as a guide when putting during a game.

1. The first thing to do is to stand behind the ball and visualise how you would want to execute the shot. Of course, you would have read the lie already.

2. Take practise shots to establish the rhythm in putting the ball. This is to give you a good feel of the actual stroke to be made. Feel is important in putting.

3. Pick a spot along the putt path that you visualised. Used this as an intermediate marker for your putt. This spot will help you align your shot in the right direction. Aiming to a spot nearer is always easier than the hole which is further away. This is helpful if you have a long putt.

4. Align yourself using the marking spot as a guide. Take a comfortable stance. Remember your shoulder should be aligned parallel to the direction of putt. For me, i tend to drop my arms straight down from my shoulder. Make sure you are comfortable.

5. All putts are straight. It is the terrain that will "turn" the ball along the path. Now, that you are aligned to an intermediate spot along the path, you are now ready to putt.

6. Once ready, focus on the ball. This will help in lining your putter up behind the ball. Focus on the shot and not anything else. Do not worry about the marker or the hole. Let the terrain do the rest of the job. Your job is to launch the putt along the direction determined.

The key factor in putting is the feel. And as with all golf shots, practice will help build the feel in you. Just stay relaxed and focus on executing the stroke. You should be fine. Take a deep breath and not let any distractions affect you.

Happy Putting…

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

How To Find Golf Accessories That Look Great But Won't Break The Bank

Golf - a kind of cheap sport. Purchasing a membership to a course will put a hole in your pocket, and will more than likely have to be renewed in the later months. The clubs themselves can cost a mere fortune. Even though no one said that you had to buy all the expensive stuff. It is very possible to get all the things you will ever need on the course for relatively cheaper ,or even free if you get yourself very lucky. Keep reading to find out where you can find all the cheapest things, and learn how you can buy all the cheaper things and never have to pay high rates again.

Auctions are a good place to start looking for cheaper items, they are also a good place to go looking for good equipment. You most likely be able to know what the item looks like in your head after they had told you what it looks like, and maybe even get to test it out before you buy it. Once the auction begins you are going to be faced with people that are wanting the same things as you. Be prepared to pay more then its worth, whether it be at the retail price, lower or higher. If you win your item and you end up paying at a low rate, then be glad that you got to it before someone else did.

Auctions are not the only places you can buy helpful items. EBay has millions of items that are at a discount price that you may find to be very interesting. If you are already using eBay then you already know pretty much how it works. You simply place the bid you want and wait for someone to bid higher. If someone outbids you then you might just have to go higher, and then you will make it higher just so you can try and win the item. This is how biding wars are started. It can be tempting to keep bidding higher and higher, until the final cost is higher then the price would pay in any store. Never let the item get more expensive in a bid then it would be in the store you might as well just go buy it in a store.

Garage sales are another great place to find items at a discount price. They often offer the cheapest prices of all, and most of the time the person setting the prices has no idea what the item is really worth. If you look in the newspaper for garage sales, you will start to notice times and closely same locations. Just make a route and start looking for your many golf accessory's you may need.

Golf accessories are pretty hard to find at cheap rates, but they are anything but hard to find. You can make a route that you follow every week. Look online for items, look at a lot of garage sales, and any places you may have at hand. This way if someone is selling something you want you will know where to find it.

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